Computer Screen Use and Eye Problems

Many users of computers suffer from eye strain, headaches and fatigue with a consequent loss of productivity .This can be due to a variety of issues such as glare, reflections, lighting, prolonged use of computer without adequate breaks or occasionally, the need for spectacles.

The E.U. Directive (90/270/EEC) lays down minimum health and safety requirements for people working with computer screens. Those workers are entitled to an eye examination before they start to work with a computer screen and at regular intervals afterwards if they experience visual difficulties which may be due to this work. Employers are obliged to provide an eye examination for their employees who use a computer for their work.

We, at Jennifer Murphy Opticians, have been based in Blackrock for over 20 years. We offer personal, individual attention to all of our patients. We have the most up to date equipment for eye examinations along with holding a huge range of frames, from budget to designer. We also keep abreast of the latest technology in lens design.

We offer the following services, both of which satisfy the directive.

  1. Sight Test, designed to test for VDU purposes only which will satisfy the EU Directive.
  2. A full eye examination, including the above examination in addition to providing the patient with an up to date spectacle prescription.

These services can be carried out either at the workplace or at our premises.

We would be pleased to discuss your employee eyesight testing requirements and offer advice as to which service may suit you. Our rates are extremely competitive, especially for large numbers. We offer special discounts to employees, at the time of the examination, who may need spectacles.

For further information please telephone 2888843 or call into the Practice