Contact Lens

shutterstock_111220583We can help you get to grips with comfortable contact lenses, whether it’s every day or just now and again. We’ll show you how to fit them, and how to look after your eyes, day in and day out. And if your eyes change over time, we’ll make sure they’re examined regularly, so you’re always wearing the right lenses for you.

Contact lenses are a great alternative to wearing glasses. Whether you have a vision problem or just want to make a fashion statement, contact lenses can really alter your style. We cater to all your eye wear requirements and you can buy contact lenses from our wide selection.

Why Contact Lenses?

Yes, wearing glasses is quite geeky cool nowadays but if you prefer not to or your lifestyle is not suitable to wearing glasses on a daily basis, contact lenses are your best bet. With advances in technology, today’s contact lenses offer more comfort and convenience than ever before.

contact-lenses-kitYou can choose to use daily disposable lenses, which take away the added hassle of using cleaning solutions. Alternatively, reusable contact lenses are perfect for a frequent lens wearer and are especially helpful if you have complex vision issues.

We supply a wide selection of different types of contact lenses including toric and multifocal lenses which boast of cutting edge technology. For the fashion-conscious, we have an array of coloured contact lenses that will make your style statement loud and clear!

Are you a first-time user?

Wearing contact lenses for the first time can be quite daunting. Our friendly opticians will put you at ease by explaining all the product features in detail and answering any doubts you may have. Before you buy contact lenses you can opt for a free trial to find out what complements your lifestyle best and also experience how comfortable it can be. Technological advances in contact lenses mean that lenses can be used to correct any vision-related problems as soon as they are identified. So if your child or teenager has any eyesight problems, bring them down to us and we will recommend the correct contact lenses for them.

Once you have decided which lenses to buy, we will help you with the correct eye care practices for using your contact lenses optimally. We offer you great value, continued service as well as free professional eye care and aftercare consultations will maintain your eye health and enhance your comfort as you continue to use contact lenses.